Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz is a Swedish inventor, YouTuber, and roboticist who has gained a large following for her creative and unconventional approach to robotics and engineering. She has been featured in numerous media outlets and has given talks at various conferences around the world. Her work has inspired many people to take up engineering and science, and she has become a role model for young girls interested in STEM fields.

Early Life and Education

Simone Giertz was born on November 1, 1990, in Stockholm, Sweden. Growing up, she was interested in science and technology and enjoyed building things. However, she was not a particularly good student and struggled in school. She dropped out of high school at the age of 16 and began working odd jobs to support herself.

Despite her lack of formal education, Giertz was determined to pursue her passion for engineering and robotics. She began teaching herself electronics and programming, using online resources and textbooks to learn the skills she needed. She also attended workshops and maker fairs, where she met other like-minded individuals and learned from their expertise.


In 2013, Giertz began working on her first robot, which she named the “Breakfast Machine.” The robot was designed to make breakfast for her, and it included a Rube Goldberg-style series of contraptions that would pour cereal, milk, and orange juice into a bowl. Giertz documented the process of building the machine on YouTube, and the video quickly went viral, garnering millions of views and making her an internet sensation.

Following the success of the Breakfast Machine video, Giertz continued to make videos documenting her robotic creations. Her videos often have a humorous and lighthearted tone, and they feature her quirky and unconventional approach to engineering. Some of her most popular creations include a robot that brushes her teeth, a helmet that combs her hair, and a robot that serves her soup.

In addition to her work as a roboticist and inventor, Giertz is also a successful YouTuber and social media personality. She has over 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube and has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Wired, The New York Times, The Lex Fridman Podcast, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She has also given talks at TEDx and other conferences, where she has spoken about the importance of creativity and experimentation in engineering and science.

Philosophy and Impact

Giertz’s work is characterized by her unconventional and playful approach to engineering. She often emphasizes the importance of failure and experimentation in the creative process, encouraging others to embrace their mistakes and learn from them. Her philosophy has resonated with many people, particularly young girls and women who may feel intimidated or discouraged by the male-dominated field of engineering.

In addition to her role as a role model and inspiration for others, Giertz has also been an advocate for open-source technology and accessible engineering. She has made her designs and code available to the public, encouraging others to build on her work and make their own contributions to the field. She has also been a vocal critic of the “cult of innovation,” arguing that the focus on flashy and high-tech gadgets often overlooks the value of simple and practical solutions to everyday problems.

Personal Life

Giertz has been open about her personal struggles with mental health and chronic pain. She has spoken publicly about her experiences with brain tumors, which she was diagnosed with in 2018. She underwent surgery to remove the tumors and has since been open about the challenges of recovery and adjusting to life with a chronic illness.

Despite these challenges, Giertz remains optimistic and committed to her work. She continues to create new robots and videos, and she has become a beloved figure in the engineering and science communities. Her work has inspired countless people around the world to pursue their passions and embrace their creativity, making her a true trailblazer in the field of robotics and engineering.

Recently, Giertz has shifted her focus towards promoting sustainable practices and environmentalism. She has collaborated with organizations such as Greenpeace and The Ocean Cleanup to create educational videos and campaigns that raise awareness about environmental issues. She has also developed projects such as a solar-powered boat and a portable solar panel that can be used to power small appliances.

Giertz’s impact on the field of robotics and engineering cannot be overstated. She has inspired a new generation of makers and inventors, and her work has helped to break down barriers and stereotypes in the STEM fields. Her philosophy of embracing failure and experimentation has become a rallying cry for those seeking to create new and innovative solutions to the world’s problems.

10 Notable Quotes by Simone Giertz:

  1. “I like to think of myself as a maker of useless robots.”
  2. “You should just make what makes you happy and share it with the world.”
  3. “Building a lot of robots really badly is the key to learning how to build just one robot really well.”
  4. “It’s not the successes that define you, it’s how you deal with the failures.”
  5. “Perfectionism is the enemy of everything. You just have to go for it.”
  6. “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly first.”
  7. “The most important thing is to never stop making things.”
  8. “I love showing that you can be serious about something without taking yourself too seriously.”
  9. “My robots might be a bit crappy, but they’re my kind of crappy.”
  10. “I’ve realized that the only way to figure out what you really want to do is by doing things and seeing how you feel about them.”

In conclusion, Simone Giertz is a remarkable inventor, YouTuber, and roboticist who has made a significant impact on the field of engineering and robotics. Her unconventional approach to engineering, her emphasis on failure and experimentation, and her commitment to accessibility and sustainability have made her a beloved figure in the engineering community. Her work has inspired countless people around the world to pursue their passions and embrace their creativity, and she is sure to continue making important contributions to the field for many years to come.

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